7 Deadly Ads that Pulled the Rabbit out of the Hat

O2 | Follow the Rabbit

Thumping to the sounds of The Chemical Brothers a warren of O2 blue rabbits lure crowds of cool kids away from the mundane to a giant rabbit hole. Is it a portal to another dimension? Maybe more like a MGMT concert but sure how and ever.

Skittles | Choose Wisely

Listening to the opera-singing rabbit never gets old. Wouldn’t it have been better if the hipsters in the O2 commercial were being led to the sounds of this yodeling rabbit? In a track by… wait for it… ‘The Chemical Bunnies.’ Badum-tish!

Sony Bravia | Play Doh Bunnies

Sony followed up the Balls and Paint Bravia ads with hundreds of rainbow-coloured bunnies hopping around Manhattan morphing into a Godzilla of a rabbit accompanied by the The Rolling Stones 1967 hit She’s A Rainbowand the result is 24-carrot gold.

Ribena | The ZoobyDoo Ad

Would’ve loved to be a fly on the wall when the script was presented to the client: “We open on a sunny countryside. Owls shoot lasers from their eyes while rabbits wearing star-shaped sunglasses and fake moustaches pop up at random…”

Club Orange | Some Bits Are Crucial

Cute animation created by yours truly at 7 Deadly Things along with the good fun folk at Pretty Mean cards. This ad was one of two 15-second stings for a Christmas campaign. Check out the other one here, sans rabbit.

Cadbury’s | Take it Easy

The Jessica Rabbit of rabbits here’s another cartoon character that oozes with sex appeal. So big thank you to Cadbury’s for making us all feel like complete weirdos for fancying this honey bunny. Those legs though! Okay, take it easy.

Blaupunkt | The Advantage in your Car

LOL! 😂


Author: 7 Deadly Things

Voted “Best Arts & Culture Blog” by you the people (thank you!) and was a finalist in the “Blog Awards Ireland 2018.” Catch our podcast Fridays on Dublin Digital Radio 11 – 12 noon.

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